Was it the right choice?

Last love poem I’ll post for 2020 *fingers crossed*

You painted my dull, grey skies
A gorgeous, vibrant rainbow
You sung me the sweetest lullabies
When I was drowning in the depths of blues

I do not believe in fancy knights
They are but works of fairytales
But I’ve never ever felt safe
Cherished, loved and protected
Other than in your arms fortress

And sometimes I ask the heavens
When in solitude, when the thoughts overflow
Was it the right choice that I chose someone else
Was it the right choice to let you go?

6 thoughts on “Was it the right choice?

    1. I want to explore more diverse topics! I noticed i am writing too much about romantic love. There are other things—
      for instance social issues—that actually needs to be talked about, brought to light or discussed 🙂

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