When I Should

Uploading my old works that I’ve never showed here. Like “I Could Have” this was written two years ago or more.

Quivering, I take the pen

Hoping writing about you
Would take away the pain

I warned myself of empty days
And lonely, sleepless nights
But Darling I cant help it
Everytime you cross my mind

I just want to see your face
I just want to kiss your lips
I just want to make love to you
But I know its done and through

I can write a whole poem
About the things I miss –
Things like your honeyed lips

But Darling it wont help me through
When I should forget you

3 thoughts on “When I Should

    1. Thank you 💞 Im glad this poem was heartfelt enough. Im glad to see you again here on wordpress tho! that is, if you even rememebr me 😀

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