Starry, Starry, Pretty Sky

Starry, starry, pretty sky
How many times
Has Selene caught my eyes?
In moonlit lonely nights
Where to the moon I exchange
A melancholic, desolate gaze

Starry, starry, pretty sky
Many times I hid underneath
On my bed to cry
Losing grip over my life
As my youth was banished
Over cruel superiors
As an unwilling apprentice

Starry, starry, pretty sky
Last time I told myself
I bid you goodbye
No more sleepless,
Wretched nights
For everytime the sun sets down
Even when I dare not stare
At your gloriously luminous light
Even when Im locked in my room
As soon as the day is off
The tears on my face
They dare not go away
Like a river to reaching to the seas
They come flowing through

4 thoughts on “Starry, Starry, Pretty Sky

  1. Oh my god, I was writing a comment earlier but something interrupted me. Glad I came across this poem again!

    This poem is stunningly beautiful, so emotional. Did you go through that trauma?


    1. I am glad you appreciate this piece. I was very emotional while writing this, and it looks like I expressed it well by making others feel what I was feeling at that time.
      I have more poems about healing that Ive yet to publish, or write….Its a journey.
      Thank you for your kind words.

      1. You really did express it well, it’s one of my favourite poems now. It’s kind of a juxtaposition of a cute childlike tone, with serious words.

        Yes you’re right, it is a journey :). So glad that you’re finding some help by writing these. Good luck and keep writing! 💙

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