Longing for Gaia

I dream of green pastures
A wondrous refreshing sight
Embroidered with ravishing flowers as they bloom
A rainbow of nature’s prime

I dream of trees, mighty and strong
Nature’s primeval and sturdy knights
As I rest underneath its arms
Safe and still against the temper of the sky

And kaleidoscopic wings would flutter across my sight
Hovering over fragrant pearls of rainbows
Flourishing flowers perfumed in various tints
And nature’s guardians coexisting

A fauna of life, friendly and kind
Together we consume the fruits of the Earth
Speak with tenderness, Speak with warmth
What hath given is what’s received

I long for nature’s cradle in this busy hustle
The clamor of a plethora scurrying individually
I long for nature’s revitalizing presence
It’s purifying yet gentle breeze

A natural belle, she is
Divine and exquisite
I yearn to spend time with her
Goddess Gaia, So nurturing

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