Dear Inner Child

Through your naked eyes the world was a wonder
So much to appreciate, So much to explore
Your heart had so much love to offer –
Little child, genuine and tender

And sandstorms hit your eyes, you awoken to the truth
Your newfound lenses built itself to secure
Your heart that was so open
Evolved itself into metal and hardened

Tainting an innocent psyche with the chaos fluorishing in this world
A punching bag for someone else’s frustrations
Fear and resentment harbored within the corners of your soul
For a very long time that you lost count of its perpetual growth

Dear Inner child, I want you to know
It was long gone and done, and I want you to move on

You are beautiful. You are smart. You are talented. You are appreciated. You are loved.

6 thoughts on “Dear Inner Child

  1. Never take your self-image from the eyes of another person, no matter who they are or what position they have in your life.

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